What is the Parade of Homes?

The Parade of Homes is a scattered site tour of new homes. Twice a year in The Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders open models, spec and pre-sold homes for people to tour. Details are included in a printed magazine Guidebook and online at BirminghamParadeofHomes.com.

How much does it cost to tour?

Touring is always free!

Why is the Parade of Homes so popular?

For more than 60 years anyone looking to make a move or simply interested in seeing the latest home designs, neighborhoods, or colors and accessories for their own homes have found the Parade of Homes is a great resource. With hundreds of new homes across the region, visitors can choose to visit them by location, price range and style. As a whole, the Parade of Homes truly does showcase the entire range of what new homes have to offer. Homes are all open specified hours over four or five weeks, and each home is priced accurately so you can see real costs associated with buying a new home.

How can I stay updated about the Parade of Homes?

BirminghamParadeofHomes.com is where you’ll find dates for upcoming tours, resources to help you make smart housing decisions, and search for homes still open to tour as well as builders and remodelers all year long.

Who builds the homes featured on the Parade of Homes?

Every Parade Home is constructed by a builder member of The Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, a trade organization providing marketing, advocacy and industry connections to member businesses. Members have access to resources and education that helps them stay on top of their game. They share best practices, learn about new products, services and techniques, and connect with trade partners, helping to assure homebuyers a healthy, vibrant housing market.

Where can I find out more about the Builders?

All of the builders with homes on the tour are easily searched online at BirminghamParadeofHomes.com in the Builder search.

What if I’m not in the market for a new home?

Many of the people who tour Parade Homes aren’t ready to make a change yet, but that’s OK. Besides providing a great shopping experience for those who are planning a move, the Parade of Homes is designed to help showcase the benefits and value of new homes.